Job vacancies

You can apply directly to a specific, advertised position by email or by post. If the place is tailor-made for you, please inform clearly in your application with. We will respond quickly to you and look forward to meeting you soon! Please do not expect to be invited to an initial interview and to convince us with your personality and your potential if you do not meet the criteria of the job or if here no position is advertised. In this case, you are welcome to send an unsolicited application with us and leave record in the applicant pool. Come for a new vacancy in question, we may contact you and ask you to apply directly to that post. We ask for your kind understanding that we can respond to Initiavbewerbungen only when a suitable position for them is free.

Please make sure that your documents are complete

We need: informative cover letter, CV with qualifications relevant content, testimonials and work records.



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