As good as new

We give a comprehensive guarantee for all the instruments we supply, provided that they were used as intended, conditioned and not altered. Normal wear due to use is not covered by this warranty. If a product should exhibit material defects despite our careful production and output control, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge after previous examination by our specialists.

In cases of normal wear, our competent, fast repair service is ready to help you. Please send the instrument directly to us and pay attention to our reconditioning instructions and the instructions in the red A-K-I ("Arbeitskreis Instrumentenaufbereitung" = Instrument Preparation Working Group) booklet.

Please send your repairs to:
D 78532 Tuttlingen, Germany

The following conditions are mandatory for taking instruments back:
• The instruments must be sterilized and carefully packed in order to avoid damage in transit.
• It must be accompanied by a description of the error as well as the contact details.
• If you would like a cost estimate, please notify us.